Full Spectrum CBD Oils (UK)
and Vape Products
for Calm, Sleep & Recovery

CBD Oils (UK)

Lab Tested

Our CBD Oils (UK) & CBD Vapes are tested in 3rd party laboratories to ensure the highest quality, safety and cannabinoid content. Setting the gold standard for UK CBD Oils & CBD Vape products.

CBD Oils (UK)

100% Organic

Synergi CBD Oils (UK) & CBD Vapes are built by nature with no nasty pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Our full spectrum CBD is sourced from organic natural GMO free hemp plants.

CBD Oils (UK)

UK Based & EU Approved

The #1 choice in the UK for CBD products, Synergi CBD is derived from hemp strains that are EU approved. Synergi CBD Oils (UK) are 100% legal and contain less than 0.2 THC.


Our CBD helps to reduce anxiety by changing
the brain's receptors response to serotonin


Our CBD speeds up recovery by suppressing
inflamation, swelling and soreness protecting
muscle cells for growth


Our CBD treats sleep-related disorders and increases NREM duration, the recovery phase
of sleep, through regulating sleep stability.
Leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated

CBD Oils (UK)

Natural Flavour CBD Oil 1000mg
Natural Flavour CBD Oil 1000mg

CBD Vapes (UK)




Lauren Ramsey

"I have suffered with anxiety for over two years and tried every prescription medication under the syn with no luck. I decided to try the CBD Oil and am so glad that I did. After just a few weeks I am able to manage my panic attacks and dramatically decrease the number of attacks I have. I cant tell you how much this CBD Oil has improved my life. THANK YOU SYNERGI CBD!!"

Jason Brooks

"Best night's sleep I've had for ages! Was a bit sceptical using CBD at first but am so glad I took the leap of faith. My work means I deal with alot of people throughout the day and I find it really hard to get to sleep and switch off. After using CBD for just two weeks I am sleeping through the night and waking up feeling fresh and more energised. Thank you Synergi! Would highly recommend!" 

Aleksandr Sasha Marjenkov

"Having never tried CBD Oil before i wasn't sure what to expect, but it really has worked and improved my sleep and recovery!"

Daniel Kelly

"After visiting my GP for chronic pain I was diagnosed with arthritis, I had horrible side effects and headaches with my prescription medication so researched a more natural way to manage the pain. I have been using the CBD Oils and CBD Vapes and whilst the pain has not gone completely it has enabled me to continue to live my life and spend time doing activities with my kids, wife and dog. I would certainly recommend to anyone looking to manage pain"