Synergi CBD’s mission is to offer a more natural way to improve the health and well being of individuals all over the UK.


We aim to do this by creating CBD products “built by nature, backed by science” with no nasty pesticides or chemical fertilisers. All our products are tested by 3rd party laboratories offering the perfect balance of quality, safety and cannabinoid content.

About Us

Synergi CBD was founded in 2019 by Bradley Garrett and Robert Breen, with the aim of providing people with a more natural way to help with their overall health and wellbeing.

With inspiration coming from real life case studies of friends and family suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronic fatigue, Robert and Bradley searched high and low for a more natural remedy to help.

After extensive research, trials and testing Synergi CBD Oils & Vapes were put into production. The results were phenomenal, as such Synergi CBD opened its doors to the public and www.synergicbd.co.uk was born.

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In pursuit of our mission we are now looking to expand our range to include a wider selection of CBD products such as bath bombs and body butters. With many more exciting products in development!

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