Synergi Athletes 

In it together!

Matt Deller @mattrdeller

European Cross-fit Professional.

After finishing 9th in the European cross fit games I found it hard to compete due to consistent aches, pains and inflammation from breaking my wrist. Synergi CBD helped my recovery and supported me throughout my rehab. This is why I choose to partner with Synergi CBD #inittogether.

Katie Mayhew

WCTour - Professional Surfer

With my job I am constantly traveling, up early and training rigorously to keep up with the competition. Synergi CBD helps me maintain not only a healthy body but a healthy mind. #inittogether

Athlete Love!

Thank you Synergi for supporting me through my golf season. My level of discipline and focus has enabled me to reach heights I never thought possible.

~ Justin Busa

I would highly recommend anyone competing in ammeter or professional sports to give Synergi CBD a try. After pulling my back power lifting I struggled to find a natural way to help with the pain and inflammation. I do not know where I would be today without you guys!

~ Billy Young

I was skeptical of CBD at first however after trying Synergi CBD I have been able to improve my sleep dramatically! in turn my performance running.

~ Robin McCullough