How to take CBD: Beginners guide to methods and dosage

How to take CBD

With CBD Oils, vapes, bath bombs and topicals there are all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to start taking CBD. But how do you take CBD and what CBD dosage is right for you? Whether you are a first-time user of CBD or have been taking CBD for some time this guide will give…

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Our Mission

OUR MISSION Synergi CBD’s mission is to offer a more natural way to improve the health and well being of individuals all over the UK. We aim to do this by creating CBD products “built by nature, backed by science” with no nasty pesticides or chemical fertilisers. All our products are tested by 3rd party…

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CBD vs.THC – What is the difference? (UK)

CBD vs.THC: What is the difference? Benefits & Legality (UK) As CBD starts to hit the headlines and gain traction within the healthcare and wellness industry more and more people are asking, what is difference between CBD and THC? This is predominantly due to the fact until recently Cannabis and press surrounding the plant have…

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